Certification Course for Value Added Reseller (VAR)

CVI Platform is the primary online learning system for obtaining certifications related to the Core Values Index™. This certification course contains all the material needed to become a full Value Added Reseller of the CVI™.  

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This course is for Value Added Reseller (VAR) Certification.

The VAR certification program is 12 weeks. This includes several live sessions with leaders of the Core Values Index Team.

Certify in CVI™

You can obtain the knowledge and skills necessary to start a complete business, or enrich your current practice using the CVI™. Learn how to help others to identify their innate motivational driving forces and how to link this knowledge to personal and professional success.

Our program provides entrepreneurial development skills to grow your business.

Working with core values provides a springboard for understanding the motivation for action, the sense of personal mission, and the interpretation of individual work or meaningful activity for the person. By using CVI™, a coach helps clients discover who they are and how to consciously direct their life choices based on their deepest core value.

The Core Values Index™

The Core Values Index resulting from your energy (CVI™ evaluation) creates an accurate picture of the primary/innate values of each person. The CVI™ quadrants describe how each person aligns with one of the corresponding values:

The score in each quadrant indicates a relative strength of that primary innate value, compared to the other quadrants.
Generally, a person leans strongly towards one of the core value strategies, and has a second core value strategy, which is also a very important part of its composition. Most people have two scores in the quadrants that are higher, and are closer together, compared to the other two quadrants. The strongest core value is called the dominant core value. The next highest core value is called the secondary core value; and the third highest is called the tertiary core value.

Taylor Protocols Certification is very effective for:

Life coaches, executive coaches, counselors, human resources professionals, business consultants, etc.

Develop your own business with CVI™ Certification!

1. Increase your effectiveness as a coach or consultant.
2. Make CVI™ Presentations in order to increase the effectiveness of the individual, the team and the organization.
3. Receive commissions by referring others to the possibilities of certification and by offering Taylor Protocols services to companies or organizations.

Advantages of VAR Certification:


Benefits of your Certification
as VAR:

(CVI™ Value Added Reseller)

  • Intensive training in CVI™.
  • You will be professionally accredited to use the CVI™ tool in your coaching.
  • Establish a stream of passive income with unlimited growth potential for referrals.
  • You can use the CVI™ and Taylor Protocols tools to generate revenues through your own services.
  • It provides you with 16 ICF continuing education credits (a value of $4,400 USD).
  • It provides you with 25 CVI™ comprehensive evaluations (a value of $1,250 USD).
  • Free and unlimited Basic CVI™ Evaluations to market with new clients.
  • All coaching opportunities arising from your referred projects will be yours.
  • Commission of 20% of the revenues in a first project by referring the client to Taylor Protocols, and 10% for successive referrals.
  • 2 Live Sessions
  • Complete strategic partnership through our VAR program.


$3,997 (USD) / 12-week Course

As you can see, Taylor Protocols offers great value along with the professional training program as a coach or consultant. The VAR plan, offers you the best value for your investment when compared to the Practicioner Certification.

Courses Include


“Show me who I really am and I will do something meaningful with my life.”
— Lynn E. Taylor


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